Brye has over 15 years’ experience in Indigenous community engagement and Indigenous workforce reform, including 5 years working within Aboriginal cultural heritage and non-Aboriginal urban environments. Brye has worked on various archaeological sites in Adelaide, the Adelaide Hills and the Northern Flinders Ranges. He has undertaken site surface analysis, excavation/transport and forensic analysis of skeletal remains, rock art documentation and reporting, as well as ethno-archaeological surveying. Brye has further experience in qualitative analysis and applying it to workforce reform strategies to Indigenous Teacher Education, Indigenous Higher Education and the NGO sectors. He has written numerous reports and given presentations on Indigenous workforce retention and recruitment factors.

This extensive experience in community engagement and consultation is brought to Brye’s role as a Heritage Consultant.



Brye enjoys the outdoors and, when possible, spends time fishing, surfing, or practicing urban photography. Travelling is another passionate pursuit, whether internationally or domestically. Eating local foods and getting lost down some track, alley or lane way, just means a new and exciting event is just around the corner. The stories you read and hear enable him to really appreciate how people feel a sense of place.


My Friend the Gnome.

This is my travelling gnome. A trinket I found in an open market in Inverness around 2003. It was during my third trip up into the highlands and I stopped into Inverness to pick up camping supplies and there he was sitting proudly on display. He had the rosiest cheeks and I just knew straight away that he would be my ever present (and fits nicely into bags of all shapes and size) travelling companion.


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