The key purpose of my role is the preparation, research and design of heritage interpretation for both large and small sites. This can be as simple as an interpretive sign exploring stories from the area, or as complex as designing a suite of complementary interpretive media for a residential or commercial development. I specialise in translating the layered histories of a site into accessible, engaging interpretation. I also undertake historical research, community consultation, archaeological assessment and archival recordings. I have four years of experience in cultural heritage interpretation, historical research, museum collections work and client liaison. My background in classical, museum and heritage studies is balanced by my client-focused approach. 



I first encountered the idea of heritage studies in my second year of university, walking past a large poster at my lecture hall in the University of Sydney. Since then, I’ve completed my Masters degree in Museum and Heritage Studies, written an exhibition by the sea, undertaken a comparative study of the Parthenon Marbles in Athens and London, chopped through ferns to explore an abandoned cottage, volunteered and worked at museums throughout Sydney and spent hours carefully photographing stone tools in a tiny shed. A love of history and heritage really does lead you to the strangest places!


In my hands is a miniature bust of Nefertiti, wife of Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. She was given to me on the day I finished my bachelor’s degree in Ancient History, and she’s a wonderful reminder of the endurance and intelligence of women throughout history.


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