I am part of the heritage places team, specialising in historical research, artefact interpretation, and report writing. My past experience has been primarily in the museum sector, and I bring skills in the areas of collection management, exhibition development, and community consultation. A key interest area of mine is maritime heritage work, having worked with historic vessels in both Australia and the UK.



My involvement in the heritage world came via the perhaps unusual pathway of volunteer radio, where I worked for a period as a news show producer and music programmer. It was here I became interested in the recording of oral histories and took part in a project at the Australian National Maritime Museum (ANMM) recording the life stories of museum volunteers that used to be in the RAN. This spurred an interest in museum work and maritime heritage, and I have since worked on many interpretive and collection projects. Another key interest area of mine is public engagement, and I am keen to work out in the community where I can – one memorable experience entailed travelling to the NSW South Coast in 2021 to record the personal experiences of those impacted by bushfires.


My chosen artefact is a vinyl record, as a slight nod to my former radio experience and main interest outside of heritage – music. This is one by Lou Reed, however don’t ask me to choose one favourite record!   


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