Heritage Consultant

As a Heritage Consultant I have worked closely with tenants, owners, community groups, and with state and local government entities and other stakeholders to address varied and sometimes complex heritage issues and opportunities.



My background is as a Heritage specialist, public historian, researcher and writer with more than 15 years' experience in heritage asset management. I have worked for NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as well as the National Museum of Australia, Australian War Memorial and Australian Federal Police Muiseum. My work has taken me to Tasmania, ACT and now NSW. 


My object was a 21st birthday present - originally from my Grandfather's Grandmother. There is a label in the box which says 'To George, with love and best wishes for his 21st birthday, yours Grandma 22-6-1918'. My Grandfather fought in both world wars and I inherited the heirloom back in the 1980s. Which grandmother? – Caroline Ward (nee Pick) or Mary Smith (nee Danger) - further research required… 


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