Dr Iain Stuart talks Trove on ABC Radio

Artefact is lending its support for Trove – the online collections database managed by the National Library of Australia.

Artefact has signed a Parliament of Australia e-petition as well as writing to the Federal Minister for the Arts Tony Burke MP asking that Trove maintain Government funding into the future.

Principal Dr Iain Stuart spoke with ABC Radio's James Valentine recently about the value of Trove for small to medium heritage consultancy firms like Artefact.


“Our team of 40 plus heritage professionals use Trove almost daily and find it an incredibly valuable and well-respected resource,” says Artefact’s Managing Director Dr Sandra Wallace. “The database saves us time and money tracking down maps, archive documents, manuscripts and imagery as part of our historical research work.”

Trove brings together collections from Australian libraries, universities, museums, galleries and archives. 

Listen here to Dr Iain Stuart on ABC Radio Sydney discuss why Trove is an invaluable tool for heritage professionals.

How you can support Trove 

Support Trove

The Australian Library and Information Association has launched a campaign and has pulled together a number of resources to support individuals to advocate for secure and adequate funding for this essential service including 

  • Writing to MPs and Senators
  • Sharing local news stories
  • Signing the petition 

Speak up for Trove here


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