As a Heritage Consultant, the key purpose of my role is to provide expert advice on non-Aboriginal archaeology and built heritage. My role involves researching, recording, analysing and interpreting heritage items, archaeological sites and unlisted places in order to assess their heritage significance, provide conservation advice and identify the impact of proposed works. I have experience in preparing heritage impact statements, heritage advice, photographic archival recordings, conservation management plans, fabric analyses, schedules of conservation works, archaeological assessments and archaeological research designs. As a Buildings Archaeologist, I am particularly interested in using digital methods to record buildings and archaeological sites, and have experience in preparing digital drawings, GIS mapping and photogrammetric models.



I have worked as a Heritage Consultant since 2015 and have been a full international member of ICOMOS since 2018. Prior to working as a Heritage Consultant, I worked as a Heritage Engineer during my completion of Double Honours in Archaeology and Civil Engineering at the University of Sydney. In September 2018, I moved to the UK to study an MA in the Archaeology of Buildings at the University of York. Following my return to Australia, I resumed my role as a Heritage Consultant at Artefact, bringing my newfound experiences to the team.

I have participated in several archaeological excavations, conservation courses, cultural heritage programs and conferences in Australia and abroad, as well as buildings archaeology, conservation and heritage planning groups. In my spare time, I love exploring historical sites, travelling, perusing bookstores, reading, drinking tea and cuddling cats.


I am holding a First Edition of The Silmarillion, which I found in a bookstore in Edinburgh. I am named after a flower featured in The Lord of the Rings, so this book is particularly special to me, as it combines my love of old bookstores, travelling, Tolkien and my family.


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