As the Director – People & Culture at Artefact my role is to plan for the future with and through the amazing people on our team. I champion the culture at Artefact by ensuring our values are entwined in everything we do and also protect our people, through my responsibility as the key safety manager.



As a small child growing up in the UK, I grew up walking the roman road at the end of my garden and imaging the Legions marching past. I always intended to follow a path through history but life took me in a different direction and into science. My first career included working international contracts and my second general aviation. All the while I was gathering a unique set of skills, almost all of which have turned out to be very useful in my current role.

With a Masters in Science and Technology (Aviation) and Certificate IVs in Workplace Health and Safety and Training and Assessing, I have a passion for both the safety and the People side of the company. In my spare time I am active in Surf Life Saving and enjoy volunteering at sporting events where I can get really close to the action. Downtime will generally see me at the beach, swimming and body surfing, taking long walks with friends or curled up with a good book.


This is now my desk ruler with a history – an example of adaptive re-use of early 20th century carpentry tools!


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