I have extensive Project Management experience working over an array of projects in the heritage and property industries. I've worked on a number of large and unique projects in Australia, Chile and the UK, and across all phases of the project lifecycle. My aim is to work collaboratively with the entire project team to ensure the ‘best for project’ outcome. Some of the key projects I've worked on in the past are the Susan Wakil Health Building at the University of Sydney, St James Quarter Development in Edinburgh UK and the Gateway Food Court and adjacent Jesse Street Gardens upgrade in Circular Quay.



I believe that all heritage spaces within the built environment have a story to tell; be it the story of the development of the built form, the story of the inhabitants within the space, or the story of the significance of a place. My passion lies in encouraging successful heritage adaptions which ensure places continue to evolve and remain relevant to the needs of the community within which they are situated, whilst being able to continue to share and evolve their story.


My artefact - a cast bronze decorated garter hook from Tudor/Stuart England - is a classic example of how the story of a simple everyday object can continue to fascinate and intrigue people for generations.


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