I have over 14 years’ professional archaeological experience across New South Wales, Victoria and the UK. I have extensive experience in conducting and undertaking a range of archaeological monitoring projects, excavations and site visits. I also have experience in preparing heritage impact statements, archaeological assessments and consistency assessments for a diverse range of heritage listed places within New South Wales. I am skilled in GIS data management.



Hailing from the UK I completed a Bachelor of Archaeological Practice at the University of Winchester in 2005 and began pursuing a career in professional archaeology, taking a break in 2007 to complete a Master’s on Neolithic Europe at Cardiff University. I worked within the commercial sector in the UK until 2016 on a wide variety of archaeological projects throughout Wales and England, gaining experience in the full range of archaeological sites that exist within the UK.

I relocated to Melbourne in 2016, continuing my career in professional archaeology on both Aboriginal and Historical projects within Victoria, before being offered a position with the Artefact Heritage team in 2019. Outside of work I enjoy rock climbing and white-water kayaking among other hobbies, and have travelled to a number of different countries to experience the rocks and rivers they have to offer.


I am holding a selection of archaeologically themed cards from the game Magic The Gathering, that I have been playing for several years. The lore of the game has a rich history featuring many characters who delve into the secrets of the past, even in fictional worlds the fascination with the past is everywhere and as the flavour text on ‘Diligent Excavator’ says:

“Archaeologists don’t just dig in the dirt. They excavate time, scraping the years grain by grain.”,


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