HollyMae has over eight years’ professional archaeological experience in both New South Wales and (Old South) Wales. Since her arrival in Australia in 2016 Holly has worked exclusively in New South Wales, and has worked up to Site Director and Project Manager level on a variety of projects, from historic sites in Parramatta to large-scale infrastructure projects in Sydney. Holly also has experience in public and community archaeology, interpretation and preparation of heritage reports.



Having been surrounded by archaeology in my daily home life due to a keen familial interest, I volunteered on my first excavation in 2005. My voluntary work continued throughout my university experience at Cardiff University where I studied BSc Archaeology and graduated in 2012.

From 2012 until my departure from the UK I worked in varying public and community archaeology roles in Wales.

I have a keen personal interest in the theatre – which I attend religiously – and I volunteer for Belvoir St Theatre when I can. I am an avid photographer, a music enthusiast and I enjoy creating delicious food.


I stumbled upon this print on Facebook one day, and could not resist. The photograph of a leaning wooden building, two people and their dog really captured my heart, as did its title 'Against All Odds'.

A little research on the gallery on the back of the frame provided a little information about the photographer, a Church Pastor named Armin Bode who lived in Boonah Shire from 1915 to 1972. The 1000 glass negatives from his photographs remained forgotten until 1993. The photograph reminds me to never give up.


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