In my role as a built heritage specialist, I ensure ways our shared stories are protected for the future. I have worked across a range of projects particularly in transport, infrastructure, Defence, and master planning projects. My time at an engineering design firm has also enabled me to perceive and interpret projects and places differently.



As a self-proclaimed history buff, I am so grateful I can study the past on a day-to-day basis. This love for shared stories and “old stuff” really stems from my parents, who also share this passion. Their enthusiasm for our family history, as well as broader Australian history, helped my obsession blossom.


My object is a milk pitcher in the form of a Guernsey Cow (how English!), which currently sits on my kitchen windowsill. It was originally a souvenir brought home from Guernsey in the Channel Islands by my Dad’s parents, which is also the homeland of my Grandfather, John Mauger. Whilst my grandparents are no longer with me, this provincial cow reminds me of the importance of family and heritage.


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