As a heritage consultant, I engage with clients providing consultation regarding heritage management practices and protocols in NSW. This involves interpretation, detailed historical research, and assessing sites for their heritage and archaeological potential. I specialise in both Aboriginal and Historical archaeology and have over five years’ experience excavating across NSW.

During that time, I have been fortunate enough to excavate and record sites such as Devonshire Cemetery and uncover beautifully crafted Aboriginal lithic stone tools that have been dated up to thirty thousand years old. Throughout this time, I have worked hard to develop my interpretive, research, and excavating skills and strongly believe that clear and positive communication with clients, Aboriginal community members, and the public is essential for good heritage management practices.



Growing up, a love for sword and sandal films, old westerns and anything roughly depicting the Middle Ages soon developed into a love for history. Going into university, I decided that becoming an archaeologist was the equivalent of being on the frontline of historical investigation. I majored in Archaeology at the University of Sydney focusing my degree primarily on Australasian archaeology.

This eventually led to an honour's thesis investigating hydraulic technology utilised within Greater Angkor and throughout the Khmer Empire. I am often asked how I ended up in archaeology with the simple answer being that I cannot imagine doing anything else.


The small and perhaps to some inconspicuous artefact I am holding not only conjures good memories of past excavations but reminds me that as archaeologists we have a responsibility to enquire about the origin and journey of artefacts so that we might better understand the past.


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