I am a Principal here at Artefact with over 18 years’ experience in the field of heritage management in NSW, primarily working with the NSW Government. I have experience in Heritage Act regulation (as well as adjunct legislation), often providing expert heritage advice to various stakeholders on a variety of issues including archaeological management, significance assessments and potential listings on the state heritage register.



I have an interest in multi-cultural archaeology. My Masters Degree from Flinders was in the visibility of the material correlates of Polish Ethnicity in the archaeological record and for my honours degree I researched the Chinese use of ritual in their built structures of nineteenth century colonial Australia.


My Artefact is a Tudor era silver coin which has been cut down and worn as a pendant by someone in the past. It was discovered in 2002 as part of an archaeological excavation at a nineteenth century Polish house in South Australia, which I undertook for my Master’s Degree. It had been deliberately placed under the doorstep, possibly as a good luck charm. At the end of the archaeological program, the site owner did not want the artefacts when they were deaccessioned by the University, but I couldn’t get rid of this lucky charm, so I keep it with me in the hope it will bring me luck.


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