As Project Support Officer, the key purpose of my role is to support project managers and their teams from a project’s commencement through to successful completion in order to consistently deliver optimal results on time. This involves evaluating resource allocation at a project’s inception and providing recommendations, running strategic scheduling meetings for the leadership team, and actively recruiting and implementing strategies to retain a skilled casual workforce. Beyond this I work closely with the other members of the administrative and management team to streamline internal processes, and resolve ad hoc requests from both clients and the consulting team.



Originally from Norfolk Island, I like to think my research and career paths began as a child looking for rocks and pieces of ceramic on the island’s sandy beaches. Having completed a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Archaeology, I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts (Research) on Norfolk Island’s Polynesian occupation. Along with my continuing studies I have been fortunate enough to participate in archaeological fieldwork in Greece, South Africa and Sydney, all of which has given me a broader understanding of the diversity of the heritage field.


A 2020 hobby. I learned that it’s best to clean your harmonica before playing lest you inhale a mouthful of dust, and that my talents do not lie in harmonica playing.


Suite 56, Jones Bay Wharf 26-32 Pirrama Road, PYRMONT NSW 2009

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