My interest in History has always been present since I was a kid. I avidly watched documentaries and shows about anything related to the past. As I grew up, I became keener on the great outdoors, and my curiosity led me to find Archaeology. I then realized this was the best of those two worlds, and there was no turning back.



I have previously worked in the industry in my home country of Portugal, I moved to Australia a few years ago. Shortly after I arrived, I worked very, very briefly (1 week) here in Australia as a casual at a dig in Western Sydney, but for most of my time here, I worked in the furniture industry. 

Back then, I chose the furniture path simply because, as a migrant, it offered me several essential conditions: a longer working term, and my family more financial stability, chances of finding housing, and more success on my visa application.

I'm now an Australian citizen and very glad to call Sydney my new home. Ten years on from last I picked up a trowel, I’m thrilled to return to my passion, Archaeology, with Artefact.


My artefact is my pair of glasses from when I was a kid. On a recent trip to my childhood home, I found them still intact - to my amazement - while rummaging through old boxes. That same thrilling feeling you sometimes get whilst on a dig or a survey.

I'm reminded of my childhood and how far I've come every time I look at them.


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