I graduated with a joint degree in Bachelor of Arts (Sociology) and Bachelor of Business (Regional Development & Economics) in 2020. Prior to graduating, in 2015, I spent some time interning at Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) as a project officer working on the investment team’s customer relations management database, in both Brisbane and Sydney offices. In early 2022, I became involved in the consultancy space focusing on Indigenous social impact, monitoring and evaluation for government initiatives with an Indigenous organisation call Kowa as project support. I now work in the Aboriginal Archaeology Team as an Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Officer.



My tribal links are from the Wadja/Wainjigo (Wadjigu), Woorabinda, Central Queensland; the Walmajarri and Ngarti Tribes, Billiluna in the South-East Kimberley region. I have had the opportunity to a traditional lifestyle growing up in communities such as Palm Island (QLD), Billiluna, Balgo and Mulan (WA), while maintain connection to Woorabinda, going fishing, hunting, cleaning the land through burning, sitting down with Elders, visiting my dreaming places, and receiving my traditional and cultural education under the bowshed. With learning of lore and culture, I have been involved in reviving traditional knowledge, the Native Title process, then moving onto Tribal Sovereignty. I have chosen to work in the cultural heritage industry to formalise my experiences in caring for country and preserving tangible and intangible heritage and to take this expertise to my country and peoples.      


The artefact I have chosen is red ochre, it reminds me of my cultural upbringing, my connection to country and lore; it’s significant uses are painting stories, spiritual protection, medicinal and ceremonial purposes. For me, it tells the story of how significant and crucial this item is in most cultural activities in the past, in current times and future ceremonies.


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