I am a graduate heritage consultant at Artefact in the built heritage team. My role is to aid in the provision of heritage advice through the preparation of a range of reports.



I studied architecture for my undergraduate degree as I have a passion for design and interest in the human dimension of architecture, how the built environment shapes our lives, our behaviour, interactions, and experiences. During this degree, I undertook an internship at an architecture firm in Vietnam where I assisted with concept and design drawings and models. Driven by my passion for conserving historic buildings and my interest in the myriad of architectural styles, I then proceeded to study a master’s degree in heritage conservation.


My artefact is a gold necklace that was gifted to me by my grandmother when I was born. To me it represents the importance of family and reminds me of my origins. I keep it with me as a constant in my life, an item linking my past and present.


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