As a Graduate Heritage Consultant, the purpose of my role is to assist the Artefact team with the recording and assessment of heritage sites. This includes conducting background research, performing site inspections and recordings, and aiding in the preparation of heritage reports for clients.



My undergraduate studies at USYD showed me that I was interested in more scientific approaches to archaeology, and so I enrolled in the Master of Archaeological and Evolutionary Science program at ANU. During this time, I realised that my key interests were in the study of human remains, which led to me specialising in Biological Anthropology and Forensic Archaeology. Currently, I am pursuing my PhD at ANU and focusing my research on bioarchaeology.

I am interested in how the social, cultural, and political systems of past human populations affected their health and lifestyles. I have also been fortunate enough to work as an archaeologist on Aboriginal and historic sites in NSW and Queensland, as well as Roman-period sites in Ostia, Italy.


My grandfather’s Kodak Brownie box camera, which was made in the 1920s, was incredibly popular and ground-breaking in its day. But, compared to a modern digital camera, it is cumbersome and antiquated. I think it perfectly encapsulates how we can admire and be fascinated by the past, but also use the perspective it gives us to appreciate where we are now.


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