As the Director – Strategic Growth and Culture at Artefact my role is to define, create and nurture strategies for Artefact’s organisational cultural goals, ensuring that Artefact is an equitable and inclusive workplace where all employees feel valued and can flourish through training, coaching and overall strategy and practice. Our strategy is not only a roadmap to productivity, employee experience and client satisfaction, but also about sustaining a happy, healthy and harmonious workplace in which our people can thrive and everyone has a direct stake in increased organisational success.



I learned about the power of an engaged team in business very early on in my career. Starting my professional journey by taking a role in business development, I had to excel at the psychology of understanding people very quickly. Positive persuasion only happens when you are able to build trust in a relationship. As my career naturally progressed, I found myself leaning towards leadership where I could effectively build and help other leaders to build top performing teams. Trust that is deeply embedded in a business culture creates strong engagement and that engagement is directly linked to a company’s success.

Being born in the Middle East, I lived through the 80s in Iran, a place with many magical cities that carry thousands of years of history through the cracks of its historical buildings and monuments. I've lived and studied in two very different countries, and completed a Bachelor of Technology at UTS as well as spending my career in business development and leadership. My career journey has been one where my vision for creating a strong business culture and trust within the teams is my daily motivation.


My artefact is my glasses. I look at the world through these lenses, where the reality of my vision shapes every day.


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