I have worked in archaeology and heritage management for 8 years, predominantly in NSW and occasionally further afield. My role is to undertake historical archaeological assessments and excavation programs, working with the team lead and technical directors to manage projects and mentoring junior staff. I have a passion for Industrial archaeology, particularly railway infrastructure, which I nurture through my work on the ICOMOS/TICCIH and National Trust Industrial Heritage Committees. Excavation is my favourite part of the job, as I get to interact with the tangible elements of history and put together the puzzle in real time.



Like many kids, I was gifted a book on Egyptian mummies at about 7 years old, and it was all over for me after that. I grew up fascinated by history and engrossed in the stories told by ruins in outback landscapes. So, despite the many protests of “but is there anything left to dig up?”, I went for it – and I’ve never had anything to regret! I still have an inherent love for heritage, and I light up every time I visit a historic site or museum. I pair this love now with a passion for photography, capturing the beauty in urban landscapes and forgotten treasures.


My artefact is a vintage camera – a way to combine my two loves. This one was a gift from my partner and I’m fortunate enough to get to use it often. It’s a symbol of the power of image and memory. I am fascinated by historic photographs, often wondering about the daily lives of people and places they capture. Getting to contribute to this tradition in a tangible way, through film photography, is such a treat.


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