Website Training

Welcome to the Artefact Website Training Series.

Artefact team members can use this training series to:

  create admin accounts
  add and edit website pages
  add and edit images and files
add and edit dynamic feeds (widgets)
add and edit tags
add and edit menus
  add and edit maps
 manage map directory listings (projects)
 manage SEO considerations.

Log In

  • Login to MOBLE CMS to manage your website.

Create your Team

  • Give access to your team by setting up your username and password.

Cloning a Page

  • Rapidly build new pages by cloning existing ones. 
  • Rename the Page and URL

Page Editing

  • Add Background Images
  • Paste new Text
  • Clear Text Formatting
  • Manage Titles
  • Manage Links
  • Business Mode vs Design Mode

Page Settings

  • Add meta information for Widgets

NB. Widgets are dynamic feeds such a News, Blogs, Galleries etc. In this Video we look at your 'Projects' Widget, and adding the 'thumbnail' info, that appears in the Widget before you click through to the full project page. This Widget info is managed in the 'Settings' tab for each page.

Add Images

  • Add new Images in the Files area

Learn how to upload images in bulk in this Web School article:


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