As a Heritage Consultant at Artefact, the main purpose of my role is to assess, understand and record heritage buildings and evaluate any impacts that current or future works may have on their cultural significance. Coming from an interior design background, I have a keen interest in Australian built heritage. Built heritage ranges from small, private residential houses to large, public infrastructure systems, such as railway stations. In my position, I have had the opportunity to work on a range of such projects, with deliverables including historical analysis, significance assessments and archival recordings. As I love exploring heritage places, one of my favourite aspects of the position is the opportunity to attend weird, wonderful and fascinating site visits. Being on site requires a unique set of skills that ranges from teamwork and communication to photography and recording. This adds a flare to my job as with heritage places, you never know what you might find!



My interest in heritage buildings and places was sparked through my opportunity to travel to England as a child. I remember falling in love not only with the palaces, churches and castles, but also the magical landscapes and small townships.

These visits were not only the beginning of my passion for history and travel, but also of art and architecture. As these interests continued throughout my life, I decided to study a Bachelor of Interior Architecture at UNSW During this course I took an elective in heritage studies, which introduced me to the possibility of working as a consultant.

After finishing my degree, I worked as an interior designer for several years, of which time I spent my weekends travelling to old and abandoned places in and around Sydney. As my interest in heritage studies continued to grow, last year I decided to enrol in the Masters of Heritage Conservation degree at USYD. I’m currently undertaking this degree while working as a heritage consultant at Artefact. My heritage journey has been incredible so far and I look forward to seeing where else it will take me!


I’m holding a photo of my share-house dog, Elvis. I have always wanted a dog but never had the opportunity to own one, so living with him is super special to me. He is so strange, fascinating and lovable, which adds so much joy to my life. This photo lives on my desk as not only does it make me happy, but it also reminds me to smile, relax and not take life too seriously. 


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