I am an early career Heritage Consultant here at Artefact with skills include historical research, report writing and field excavation. I am also currently carrying out a Master of Heritage Conservation at the University of Sydney. I have volunteered with the National Trust of Australia (NSW) and assited with the maintenance of their Register of HIstoric Places.  



My love for history and the human past began as a young child with my imagination running wild in the sandy halls of Egyptian temples and the dank dungeons of Medieval castles. A fortuitous series of events during my undergraduate studies saw me involved in archeological fieldwork in south-eastern Romania uncovering a Roman fort and naval port. A Graduate Diploma in Arts specialising in Classical Studies and Archaeology with the University of Melbourne followed, leading finally to my current master’s studies in Heritage Conservation with the University of Sydney. For me archaeology and heritage provide a uniquely powerful window into our human past, illuminating the stories of untold generations that would otherwise remain silent and lost to the interminable march of time.


In my hands is a small bronze statue of an owl. Growing up it sat next to the spice shelf at home and I always loved it. A couple of years ago on a trip home my mother gifted it to me. It reminds me of growing up.


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