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I am a Principal at Artefact and my main role is to act as Excavation Director on historical sites as well as offering historical research, general heritage management and mentoring of Artefact staff.

But perhaps one of my greatest passions is Industrial Heritage. My work in the field of Industrial Archaeology and Heritage is known throughout Australia and overseas. In Australia I established the ICOMOS-TICCIH National Scientific Committee on Industrial Heritage and in Japan I was appointed as an advisor to the Committee on the World Heritage Nomination Industrial Heritage in Kyushu and Yamaguchi.

I also currently hold the position of President - Royal Australian Historical Society and am a serving Board Member of the International Committee for the Conservation of the Industrial Heritage. 



I have always been interested in the past; from trips to the goldfields, trips to timber mills and steam train rides with my father as well as his version of family history. I learned by field skills from some wonderfully generous archaeologists and found inspiration from the classic archaeological writing. My interest lies somewhere in the junction of history, geography and archaeology. I have seen the firestick fires of a Northern Australia summer, the mutton birds on the water in Bass Strait, the silent wreck of the Loch Ard and the apocalyptic remains of Gunkanjima and I have a bit more to learn about the past.

I've been fortunate to have worked on projects on a diverse range of industrial sites from boat building, dockyard cranes, coal loaders, coke works, grain silos, warehouses, airfields, railways (including driving a steam engine), coal mining, copper mining, gold mining, brickworks and Broken Hill.


My artefact is an 1882 plan of the settlement of Mitchel between Bathurst and Lithgow. This was a small gold mining settlement and poorly documented. This map shows the surprising extent of the settlement in the landscape including a Chinese market garden and a hut occupied by a Chinese man. The map is of value as it is a serendipitous find.


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