I am the Aboriginal Heritage Team Leader here at Artefact and I have experience working in Aboriginal heritage, historic archaeology and cultural heritage management in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia. I have extensive experience preparing archaeological technical reports and cultural heritage assessment reports as well as working with the Aboriginal community.



As well as my heritage and archaeology experience, I also have an interest in museums. I received a Master of Museum Studies from the University of Queensland then worked at various museums in Queensland. I worked as a curator at the Commissariat Store Museum, and as a museum assistant at the University of Queensland Anthropology Museum and the Queensland Museum. I first joined Artefact in 2016 as a Heritage Consultant but left in 2020. I have recently returned to be a Team Leader.


I am holding the ‘Complete Guide to Military Map Reading’, published in 1911. This is the oldest book I own and features fold out maps within the binding. The book represents my passions of traditional bookbinding and cartography.


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