With over 11 years of experience and a network of community contacts across New South Wales, Artefact is renowned for our careful, considerate and comprehensive work in Aboriginal archaeology.

We have proven ability to work across large and complex project areas, and within numerous layers of legislation, regulations and guidelines. Our team also consistently consults with local Aboriginal knowledge holders, and we regularly complete our fieldwork in partnership with Registered Aboriginal Parties and Native Title holders.

Our skills include researching, locating, surveying, assessing and documenting Aboriginal sites. We also excel at systematic excavation and meticulous analysis of any Aboriginal artefacts that we recover. Artefact has demonstrated expertise in accurate sensitivity mapping of Aboriginal sites and places, and we can deliver GIS files in formats that integrate with your systems.

Respect, rapport, reconciliation

Working in consultation with local Aboriginal stakeholders and Heritage NSW as the responsible regulator, we regularly deliver a wide range of Aboriginal archaeology services:

  • liaison with Registered Aboriginal Parties, Native Title holders and Local Aboriginal Land Councils
  • Aboriginal Heritage Information Management System (AHIMS) searches and updates
  • archaeological research designs
  • archaeological surveys and reporting
  • Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (AHIP) applications
  • coordination of Aboriginal site officers for fieldwork
  • archaeological test excavations
  • archaeological salvage
  • archaeological monitoring
  • unexpected finds management
  • analysis of Aboriginal artefacts
  • rock art recording
  • reburial of Aboriginal artefacts on Country or in keeping places.

Image credit: Albion Park Rail Bypass Project Team, Transport for NSW (Transport).




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