History is the craft of bringing the past to life. By creating vivid portraits of what places were like, and explaining what they meant to their communities, we can better appreciate their heritage significance.

Historical research is also a powerful tool for assessment, planning and community engagement. For instance, creating a major transport interchange in Newcastle required the demolition of a former community shopping hub known as The Store. Taking this opportunity, Artefact worked with the University of Newcastle to build a website where former staff and customers from The Store shared their oral histories and photos online. The positive media and community impact left everybody smiling.

Artefact’s history projects have researched forgotten stories to enliven a sense of belonging, both for on-site and online visitors. We’ve also delved deep into the archives to create heritage frameworks that inform strategic planning options, and help manage archaeological sites through layers of history.

Sources, stories and significance

We offer experience across all mediums in sharing compelling stories of people, places and communities:

  • local, archival and genealogical research
  • pictorial essays and viewscape surveys
  • architectural and site-based histories
  • community engagement projects
  • thematic histories
  • web and app content
  • documentaries and podcasts
  • oral histories
  • media content for print, radio and TV.


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