At Artefact Heritage I work with colleagues to identify evidence of Aboriginal heritage in the in the ground and on the landscape, and develop strategies of preserving or mitigating damage to identified cultural heritage. This involves carrying out research, not only from the “desktop” but crucially through site visits so that the nature of the landscape can be examined closely. Working with the appropriate Aboriginal stakeholders is important in this process. I manage both large and small projects, working in a small team or as part of wider collaborative group.



Objects have a powerful way of connecting people, thoughts and ideas. Objects can spark a range of important discussions not only focused upon the way the world is today, but also how it used to be, and how it might be in the future.

After working with museum collections in Australia and discovering the exciting interaction between people and things I pursued a career in cultural heritage and anthropology.

Through my work and research in Australia and overseas interacting with a diverse range of people in countries such as Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands, I have discovered new ways of perceiving the power of objects our everyday lives.


This bag was given to me by a close friend. I no longer use it daily, because it has become fragile. But it remains a strong connection to my friend and her life in a small rural village in Papua New Guinea.


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