Hive of industry

Goodman Property Services is developing the Oakdale South Industrial Estate. The development is approved as a State Significant Development (SSD). Artefact Heritage undertook historical archaeological and Aboriginal archaeological excavations which revealed remains of nineteenth century farming and over a thousand Aboriginal artefacts.  Goodman worked with Artefact to incorporate the identified heritage values into a Heritage Interpretation Strategy for the new Oakdale South Estate.


Artefact were engaged to develop a Heritage Interpretation Strategy, produce content and design for 4 interpretive signs, produce an artefact display for the local library, reused original flagstones in the paving and put together a public talk program, and carry out further Aboriginal community consultation. Artefact managed the transfer of 1189 historical artefacts to Australian History Museum at Macquarie University for display and teaching purposes. 


The Oakdale South Industrial Estate is up and running with sites being snapped up by logistics companies and other businesses. Goodman Property Services were pleased with the kudos they got with the community for their relationship to the local library and significant donation of artefacts to Macquarie University.  

Image credits: Top - Oakdale South panorama, Goodman Property Services. Left - Charles Crop Pipe, OAK0667, Context 025, Source: A. Thorn, Mar 2018. 


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