I have 20 years of experience in archaeological and cultural heritage management in Australia and the UK. My experience includes preparation of heritage assessments, consultation with Aboriginal stakeholders, archaeological excavation, and management of large-scale heritage projects. My role as Technical Director involves working closely with the Artefact team across a range of projects. This includes technical review of reporting and advice, as well as being actively involved in report preparation and fieldwork.



I have always been fascinated by history and carried that interest into my studies at the University of Sydney. I started my archaeological consulting experience on the Cumberland Plain and at the Quadrant site at Broadway, and since then have been interested in a range of aspects relating to heritage management in NSW. I particularly enjoy working in the field and try to go on site as often as I can.


I am fascinated by the railway crossing of the Blue Mountains, particularly the Lapstone Zig Zag, Great Zig Zag, and the Ten Tunnels Deviation. I purchased this book 27 years ago and still use it today.


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