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AMP are developing an area near Circular Quay to create the Quay Quarter. This includes three new residential buildings, a retail precinct around the new Loftus Lane, office space and refurbished heritage buildings; the Gallipoli Memorial Club and Hinchcliff House.

As well as having potential to contain archaeological remains associated with Aboriginal occupation of the original landscape, Circular Quay is one of the most significant areas of non-Aboriginal archaeological potential in NSW. It was the location of the arrival of the First Fleet and the initial point for colonisation of the county by Europeans. Circular Quay has intense social, political, and cultural meaning for First Nations people. 


Artefact undertook archaeological excavation and investigation in the basement of Hinchcliff House under an S60 excavation permit, and excavation within the footprint of the new buildings under a s140 excavation permit. Aboriginal community members were involved in reviewing the archaeological assessment and applying for an Aboriginal heritage impact permit, in case Aboriginal artefacts were located during construction. Excavation for the development had to be monitored by our archaeological team and significant finds were salvaged. All finds were documented, and artefacts recovered for analysis and reporting. 


Archaeological management was successfully undertaken in a busy construction site within a challenging timeframe. A number of archaeological finds were included in display cases which were created as part of the development so that the public could more easily engage with the important heritage values of the site. 

Quay Quarter aims to be a global model for future city neighbourhoods with workplace and cultural experiences that bring together professionals, residents and visitors.


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