Rural powerlines renewal

Endeavour Energy were aware that many rural electricity distribution feeders and powerlines were ageing or rusting. They developed a broad renewal program to replace the existing powerlines with new aluminium wires, add in more poles, and improve access tracks. The new infrastructure would comply with current electricity network design standards, and, importantly, reduce bushfire risk and improve reliability. The works required a suite of environmental reports to assess the impact.


Clinton Jurd – the then Senior Environmental Specialist at Endeavour Energy – developed numerous reviews of environmental factors (REF) and summary environmental reports (SER) to assess the various projects. Each assessment included the potential impacts to flora & fauna, heritage and archaeology, noise, visual amenity, traffic, and bushfire.

Effective stakeholder consultation was critical to ensure the success of the renewal program. The powerlines and access tracks crossed many remote rural properties, meaning there were lots of stakeholders to identify and engage with.


Clinton worked successfully with network designers, assessment specialists, and property owners and managers to avoid impacts in sensitive areas identified by the assessments. This included avoided impacting Aboriginal heritage sites, avoiding protected plants and animals, and minimising disturbance and inconvenience to stock on rural properties.

The renewal project consistently proceeded to construction and operation in a timely manner due to the collaborative and responsive assessment approach, that minimised environmental impacts, and identified sustainable outcomes.


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