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I have over 18 years of experience in cultural heritage management and archaeology. My expertise is across a range of areas including Aboriginal heritage, non-Aboriginal archaeology and built heritage. I specialise in strategic assessment and approvals advice for large infrastructure projects. I was recently a member of the Independent Working Party for Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Legislative Reform in NSW and have presented papers at numerous international conferences on the topic. Routledge UK published my book, The Contradictions of Archaeological Theory, in 2011.



My first degree was in Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology at the University of Sydney and this led me to a PhD in Archaeology also at the University of Sydney. I am passionate about archaeology because it has the ability to contribute in a positive manner to a more tolerant, just and equitable society. One way this can be achieved is by recognizing that archaeology has a responsibility to the cultures that it studies.


My passport is a material reminder to me that the world is a small place. Heritage connects us as people, through both time and space, what people value really isn’t that different when it comes down to it.


Sydney Office
Suite 56, Jones Bay Wharf 26-32 Pirrama Road, PYRMONT NSW 2009
Newcastle Office
Unit 71, 8 Spit Island Close, MAYFIELD WEST NSW 2304


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