My mission is to be our historic fabric’s champion, ensuring our built heritage is protected for future generations, because it is a precious repository of memory, evidence of the past.  My background is in architecture and cultural heritage management, I have over ten years’ experience and have worked on a variety of projects within heritage contexts in NSW and QLD, including large scale commercial, institutional, government, and infrastructure; as well as rural and small-scale residential projects.  I have extensive experience in the preparation of heritage assessments, Conservation Management Plans and conservation of historic fabric, as well as interpretation strategies, media, and historical research.  My role helps me to elevate built heritage’s position in society and culture, helping clients and each new generation appreciate heritage in new ways.



I have always loved art, history and design, and ever since I can remember wanted a career where I could combine these interests and pursue my passion for heritage buildings. In fact my year 12 yearbook says ‘In 10 years’ time I will be restoring buildings in the EU or OZ’!  With a family based mostly in Europe I was heavily influenced by the beauty and intrigue of European history and architecture. I completed an Undergraduate and Masters in Architecture, then specialised in heritage with a Masters of Heritage Conservation.  I recently started a PhD allowing me to explore the theoretical side of architecture, heritage, and history. I have worked on an array of projects, frequently excited as I discover something intriguing at every place, helping piece together the history which informs our lives.



In my hands is a 1935 coloured rendering by Frank Lloyd Wright of ‘Fallingwater’ in Pennsylvania. I studied ‘Fallingwater’ in high school art which inspired me to study Architecture. I visited the house in 2019, at which time it was recently listed onto the World Heritage List.


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