I am an Architect with over 25 years’ professional experience in heritage conservation and adaptive reuse of historic places, including the preparation of conservation management plans, conservation documentation and site superintendence.



I have been privileged to work in and around great buildings, and with fascinating people, for the past 25 years.  Working with building professionals, tradespeople, craftspeople clients and enthusiasts has shown me how valuable our heritage environment is to our cultural well-being. My vision for my practice of heritage and conservation architecture is to go beyond just preserving our built and environmental legacy, but to nurture and burnish it for future generations.


The Commonwealth Solar Observatory Building at Mount Stromlo was largely destroyed in the 2003 Canberra Bushfires. The heat of the fire was so intense that the window glass melted and slumped in a continuous sheet.


Suite 56, Jones Bay Wharf 26-32 Pirrama Road, PYRMONT NSW 2009

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